Welcome home Green Monster

It’s a few hours before the second day of work. I’m at my current favorite crouch spot – Panera. The soup and salad are so good, and it even has great WiFi and fireplaces. Did I mention, HEAT?!

A group in front of me is disbanding. I can’t figure how they know each other, but they just did a Secret Santa exchange. It was pretty adorable. A lot of laughing and unwrapping had by all.

This Panera is in Lexington, pretty posh. Kentucky has some nice establishments, I’ll tell you.

I stumbled on this type of flea market today, it was amazing – and cheap! Another this Kentuckians enjoy, bargain shopping.

One thing I’ve learned form being a Buffalonian, when it’s cold outside, you stay warm by preventing any of your skin from coming even close to feeling that cold. I’m talking layers upon layers. So my little hiking puffy was not cutting it anymore, so like any poor hiker – to Goodwill I went.

The selection of winter coats was not quite at my expectations, but I at least managed to get a plastic coffee mug and thermos to keep liquids hot.

I noticed next door, a sign that read “Peddlers Market – open 7 days!”, and since I had nothing but time, I headed in. Well I can assure you, it was a glorious heated building full of treasures. I got an antique hot water kettle, gym bag, and the ugliest coat you’ve even seen. I think I’ll name her ‘The Green Monster’, because that’s just what it is. Circa 1990s floor length, green wool with shoulder pads and more buttons than you know what to do with. All for a quarter. Yup, that jacket cost me $.25. I will be warm god dammit. I’ve officially given up on looking like my hipster self in KY. For one, it’s too cold and I don’t have enough access to hot water, clean hair, and mirrors. Secondly, honestly I’m just here to make money. Between my graveyard schedule and awkward nature, I doubt I’ll come into an human interactions that will be affected by The Green Monster.

But I will say I miss it. I see the girls with big eyelashes, contour on point, cute boots with leggings and big sweaters… I’d love to get that back someday. Maybe after my first book deal, I’ll get all gussied up and go to the poshest Panera. #goals

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