So how did I get here?

Seems to be a long lineage of getting an idea, it feeling right, and going with it.

My backstory

in maine hiking south on the at

I’ve been living on the road since 2017.
It all started with getting laid off from my big girl cubicle job. I entered the fun-filled world of the service industry, and then decided the next logical step must be hiking the Appalachian Trail with Indy for 6 months, and so we did.

Having walked two-thousand+ miles, I figured the next step was to try #vanlife. However, me being basic (on so many levels) and loving a challenge; instead, I got a truck with a topper, and after 4 years, that became a short bus.

my sweet sugar face

Meet Indy

Indiana Doanes is my Golden Retriever. Named aptly after the great Indiana Jones. When he was a puppy, he rock-climbed his crate. By age 1, he was making women faint with side glances. A star was born.

Some people see me as a crazy dog Mom, I prefer passionate.

Meet Shorty

my hambone baby

Shortround Doanes Jr, aka Shorty is the latest addition to our little family. I always knew Indy needed a little brother, someone that he could transmit his angelic like quality by osmosis. As most things, it took me a while to accomplish this, seeing it was never ‘a good time’. After realizing it would never be a good time, as such a thing doesn’t exist, enter Shorty! He was inducted immediately into truck life, and has been a champion traveler ever since.

I get you’re a nomad, but where are you from?

I’m originally from Buffalo, NY. I will forever be a proud Buffalonian, no matter how much my sport teams suck. If you’ve never been to a Bills home game in November, you haven’t lived. We have the best food, drinks, and the summers are to die for. I do miss my hometown, but there was way too much to see in this great country to stay put.

Go Bills!

What else are you into?

Rest assured something ridiculous is probably occurring in this very moment. Mainly in regards to fighting the good fight navigating the good ‘ol US of A, chasing dogs, working my accounting gig, videos edits, getting over my fear of people, and writing grammatically correct captivating content.

What’s the latest?

I have spent the past couple years diving deep into the metaphysical side of Barnes & Noble. I’ve found that even though there are so many experiences to have, there are even more internal explorations to undergo. And I’ve only scratched the surface.

I am so grateful for this life and appreciate living here and now. It’s that simple. Connections with like-minded people make me whole, and kinship with everyone else makes me happy. But only in small increments, then back to my hovel to recover from too much social interaction.

“She who knows life flows, feels no wear or tear, needs no mending or repair”

Buddha – definitely not me

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