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Host Us!

Wait, so how does this work?

Not 100% sure since I’ve never put this kind of option on my blog, so we’re in this together! 

Basically, I am always looking for a free place to park. Ideal situations are quiet, some grass for the doggos & some privacy.

Explaining what I do & do not have, and why it’s all nice but not always required:

I have a large fresh water tank that could always use a top-off, electrical plug-in (regular wall plug will work!) that is nice to be able to use AC. I do have solar power to keep us charged up, but it limits me on what I can run (aka AC). I do not have a bathroom in my rig, but I can get by without access to one. Hence a bit of privacy is helpful. (This fact always gets confused looks, just pretend it’s magic). 

I practice LNT (leave no trace) and can ensure your place will be treated with respect. The only thing left behind will be some paw prints on your heart. (rawr). 

Any other specific questions, reach out! 💌

Fill out the info below if interested! 

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